Let’s try this again, shall we?

I know I’ve let my blogging habits slip quite badly.

I used to write a lot of things in a lot of places around the internet, and I slowly fell out of the habit of writing in any of them. It wasn’t something I ever intended to let go, but it just happened. The more I felt obligated to post, the more I procrastinated, and the less and less it ever happened. The Livejournal, sure, that was probably at a time it could have been abandoned, since that dates all the way back to high school. The first geoblog, however, I really regret letting go, since I started reading fewer of other people’s blog posts then as well.

I do think that trying to write about different things in different places was part of what caused me to fizzle out in all of them, so I’m going to do it differently this time. This is the blog. Period. There’s also the Twitter, but this is the blog. I still have some site formatting to do, some links lists to add and update, but I wanted to get this much out here for now.

So, what is this, then? Seeing as I am a geoscientist, a great deal of this will be geoblog. But seeing as I also draw and play music and travel, it will be about those things, too. A earthquake-San Francisco-comics of personified things-music from around the world-and maybe even Riverside blog. And I intend to keep it up this time.

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  1. Aria Stewart says:

    I am a fan.

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