Faults of California

Front cover, 2009 version.

Front cover, 2009 version.

Faults of California is a collaboration between myself and the outreach department of the Southern California Earthquake Center. It’s a comic featuring personifications of many of California’s major fault lines, each of which describes their own role in tectonics and seismic hazard.

The original version, completed in one month in 2009, featured 12 faults. Not much came of it, due to lack of funding. By the time everyone was able to come back to it, it was 2012, and I was embarrassed by the old art, so I decided to re-draw it and add some characters.

The new version is still a work in progress, but is visible here. I haven’t decided if I want to put the 2009 version online. There will eventually be a social media component to this project as well.

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